What to Do if You Have a Boiler Repair Emergency: A Quick Guide

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A boiler breakdown can be stressful no matter the time of year. Here’s a quick guide on how to handle a boiler repair emergency efficiently:

1. Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

  • Identify the problem: Look for leaks, noises, or error codes.
  • Determine urgency: Decide if it’s a severe issue like a gas leak or if it can wait.

2. Turn Off the Boiler

Turn off the boiler to prevent further damage and reduce hazards.

3. Check for Error Codes

Refer to your boiler’s manual for error code meanings. Some issues can be resolved by resetting the boiler or adjusting the pressure.

4. Ventilate the Area

If you suspect a gas leak, open windows and doors. Avoid using electrical appliances.

5. Check the Pilot Light

For boilers with a pilot light, ensure it’s lit. Follow manufacturer instructions to relight it if safe.

6. Check the Thermostat and Timer

Ensure the thermostat and timer are set correctly to avoid unnecessary call-outs.

7. Look for Frozen Pipes

Check the condensate pipe for freezing in cold weather and thaw it using warm water or a hot water bottle.

8. Call a Professional Engineer

If basic checks don’t resolve the issue, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer and explain the problem.

9. Use Temporary Heating Solutions

Use electric heaters, blankets, or hot water bottles while waiting for repairs.

10. Prevent Future Emergencies

  • Regular Maintenance: Schedule annual servicing.
  • Monitor Performance: Address issues early.
  • Know Your Boiler: Familiarise yourself with the manual and troubleshooting steps.


Managing a boiler emergency involves staying calm, performing basic checks, and contacting a professional. Safety is paramount, so always prioritise it in any boiler-related situation.

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